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Name:Inui Sadaharu
Birthdate:Jun 2
Name: Inui Sadaharu

Highly intelligent and possessing of a dry wit, Inui is the quintessential geek. He loves numbers and facts and he loves collecting knowledge like other people like collecting stamps. He enjoys geeking out with his friends and he is always willing to help them out. He hasn't inflicted Juice on anyone in years, but he still remembers those mixtures with a strange, sadistic fondness. Deeply in the closet, Inui really hasn't had a chance to explore his preferences. School and other activities just got in the way.

After the U17 Camp, Inui went to Seigaku’s high school division. However, in his very first year the young genius blew through the curriculum, having decided he wasn't going to play at education any more. Previous years, he purposely followed the slower courses, just so that he could be with his friends and fellow tennis players. Without tennis in his life, he had data and education. He started taking special accelerated college courses at local cram schools instead of joining the High School Tennis Club. These proved to be very little challenge for him and his intelligence and talent in scholastics were noticed by many colleges, both local and foreign.

At the age of 16, Inui accepted the scholarship offered by MIT and moved to America. There he burned through the courses quite quickly. He was not terribly popular at school, as he was considered a teenage prodigy who blew the grade curve. It was also at this time that he realized that he was gay. However, he did not act upon those feelings, instead, keeping them quiet and to himself.

He did not get out much and had no friends. He focused only on studying. He graduated in 2 years, at the top of his class. Yet, he didn't feel like he had accomplished anything. So he turned his educational pursuits elsewhere. Inui actively sought out many different degrees, earning each with little effort. By the age of 25, Inui had 4 Doctorates (Biophysics, Engineering, Mathematics, and Analytical Chemistry) , 3 Masters Degrees (Education, Sports Medicine, Physics), and an untold number of credits in just about anything else under the sun. However, his social life suffered greatly.

Alone and lonely, Inui turned to his notebooks, but it wasn’t data that filled the pages. He started writing. At first, it was just little scenarios about his friends and family back in Japan. His imagined scenarios became stories. Not just real life stories. Crazy stories that covered everything from super powers to zombie apocalypses to space operas. It was something to keep him sane. Something to allow him to express his buried feelings and the desires that he had never acted on in the past. He never expected anything to come of it. He was a scientist and a mathematician, not an author. However, a professor found the notebook and soon Inui was a published author, under the pen name “Haru Hakase”. Haru Hakase’s novels are very popular in the gay community but he has never made a public appearance.

Mostly because after his last degree, Inui returned to Japan in order to teach. He teaches advanced mathematics at Todai and often helps out the sports teams by drafting up training menus. He is still writing. He has always been careful to keep his literary pursuits separate from the rest of his life as he is a little embarrassed by the fact that he writes such blatantly homosexual material (as he is still deeply closeted)
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